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ATM girl

Taking out some money from the ATM machine in incredible outfit
Photos: 14


Shoes and toe ring of Gold!

Showing you closely my sexy toes with hot toe ring in my golden strapped high heels. This was a nice walk and view!
Photos: 12


Strapped shoes at the stairs

These golden and strapped shoes of mine do not walk around without a golden toe ring!
Photos: 11


Summer street walk with champagne colour high heels

I was going to an important meeting, so I was thinking these sexy but classy white shorts and champagne colour high heels give me good camouflage of not being too outstandingly noticeable. What do you think, did I trick them?
Photos: 9


High heel Reflections

Glossy expensive shoes mirroring from wet concrete
Photos: 9



Walking across the wet street in sexy high heels
Photos: 19


Snowfall in 206

Winterly sexy outfit in a heavy snowfall
Photos: 32


Phonecall at the Bench

Making a phone call In expensive glossy pumps
Photos: 16


On Ice

Walking on ice in glossy high heel boots. Heavy snowfall but still sexy
Photos: 19


Sunset at Ferry Station

In tight jeans, silhouette pictures
Photos: 17


Lost In The Fog

Sexy black leggings, with silver knee protectors. Walking in the fog, super sexy high heel boots!
Photos: 28


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