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Harbour Heat - Just Don't Get Enough Of Me

Did you watch the video „Just Dont Get Enough Of Me“? If not then you should cause our girls will bring you the heat. This series is all about sexy shiny Silver leggings and extreme black high heels from Tajna Club Shoes. The top OMG says it all. Marit wearing the extreme heels will show you that no poses are impossible! She can do it even standing on one heel.. dont miss out on it! Dont forget to also check out Angel's photoset. We hope you enjoyed the latest photo shoots and video, you are welcome to send us feedback and hope to see you again soon.. more sexy content coming soon. Heels: Custom made heels by Latex: For discount use a code SMW2020.
Photos: 42


Just Don't Get Enough Of Me - Angel

Super sexy Angel in black tight latex leggings. Make sure to check the Video Sexy Summer - Just Don't Get Enough Of Me Video Latex: For discount use a code SMW2020.
Photos: 66


Sexy Beach Glam

Do you enjoy beautiful Summer weather? I definitely do. I like to et my hair down and feel the sexy breeze and sand on my body. Nothing better than the Golden shine and glam to pose with. Had this glamourous shoot at the beach with lots of sexy poses and looks for you. I can say people were looking with their eyes wide open. so what do you think about it?
Photos: 120


Lamborghini Feeling By SeeMeWalking

These exclusive photos were taken during the filming of "Lamborghini Feeling my" Lots of angles and scenes that are not in the trailer or in the videos. Take a closer look at our unearthly sexy models in Simon-o Latex catsuits.
Photos: 64


Corridor walk experimental

Follow our models in the corridor and see their sexy shilouettes! Leather leggings with small tops are pure fire on them! Something different and exciting! Would you follow them if you saw them walking?
Photos: 30


Rooftop Black and White

Do you like tight skinny leather leggings and a small crop top? This time there is a little bonus so She had a quick change and also tried her new super tight purple leggings. These outfits are perfect to show the fit body in a perfect setting. Right lighting and location will set the mood for you to enjoy the sexy poses in this exciting fashionable outfit! These split leggings are complimenting all the right places and the top. Well, what do you think? XO
Photos: 98


High Heels Rooftop

Welcome to out new extremely sexy photoshoot where Maryt and Angel will show how posing really works. Summer nights and exquisite locations at its finest. These fit girls dont hold back and will shock you (in a good way) with their sexy bright outfits and looks. Can you imagine seeing this shoot with your own eyes? Here is youre chance to have a closer look!
Photos: 65


Silver Glamour

Glamour, sexy outfits, fast cars, harbor, beautiful women- is this something you like? If yes then this is for you. I'm wearing my Tajna Club 20 cm high heels and you can see two pairs that are flashy and classy- my Silver booties and black platform high heels. Combined with sexy beachwear and my high shine Silver jacket will turn all the heads. Summer is the best time to wear something sexy and light. Which is your favorite pair of heels? Love, Maryt
Photos: 40


Opposites Attract

WARNING- Double trouble! Grey and Golden Silver latex leggings with latex collars worn by our two models. The posing and outfits together are almost criminally sexy. Top class modeling for Simon O Latex. It´s a Fire!
Photos: 88


SeeMeWalking in Red latex Catsuit

Something you’ve been waiting is here! There’s something about dressing up in a catsuitand walking in high heels. It Gives me the feeling of a superwoman role in a Hollywood movie. It is also called second skin! I like to break the rules and be bold. Video coming soon... Love, Maryt
Photos: 88


Concrete walls and Red Peep toe heels

High grey concrete walls and futuristic sights everywhere you look. I love it! Perfect for modeling and walking in my high heels. I chose red and I'm sure you can tell why. Sexy leggings and small white crop top for my outfit plus red peep toes were a perfect fit for this setting. I like a clear set with a small hint of alien vibe that will add some flavor to the shoot. What place do you think it is? Have a closer look because something very exciting is about to come out soon!
Photos: 52


Leopard bodysuit and glossy Latex

The leopard bodysuit with latex leggings is my favorite outfit so far! It's sexy as hell while also very sophisticated. It brings out all the curves and feminine features. Come with me and enjoy the exclusive shots that were made during the video shoot! Love, Maryt.
Photos: 29


Who’s in my team?

Have you ever seen a sexy American football cheerleader? Or should I be the player? If so then would you wanna join my team? Have a look and decide... I believe the sporty look and high heels go very well together. Please enjoy and let me know if you’re in!
Photos: 68


Leopard bodysuit and Grey Latex

This sexy bodysuit truly makes me feel like a Catwoman. There are days where I just wanna feel extra chic and this was one of them. I like latex and especially latex with color. These grey butt-lift latex leggings combined with my nude high heels- I hope you love it as much as I did. Stay tuned- something very good is coming with this sexy high-fashion outfit. Latex push up effect leggings by Simon O Shoes by Tajnaclub
Photos: 28


Just another day in High Heels

Pink-red bottom high heels and latex leggings! you will see the best provocative shots with this “Barbie” like the outfit. I like to combine my feminine side with some leather. Pink high heels and black latex leggings-you know you will not regret it!
Photos: 79


Sexy Red peep toe high heels and latex leggings

This time you can see exclusive shots of me while I was modeling for the new video. I made sure to get some sexy shots for you that made more than many people stop while they walked by. Enjoy the brilliant red bottom peep toe heels and skin tight latex that im wearing and dont forget to watch the cheeky video „Walking in Red bottom heels and shiny latex“.
Photos: 169


BRABUS Driver in High heels part 2

Speed, high heels, leather, and women- how does this make you feel? Could you imagine a situation where you pump into a car in the traffic and out comes a woman that makes you speechless? Well, this is me, I don't hold back when it comes to my outfits and heels. I enjoy eye pairs on me and let's be honest, who doesn't like speed? Maybe I'm bad but I think this look will definitely help me get out of some trouble. If you liked "BRABUS Driver in High heels part 1"
Photos: 60


BRABUS Driver in High Heels 1

If you think a woman driving in high heels is sexy, then this is for you! As you know I like to dress up and I always add a little something to my outfit. This time I combined the lower body harness to give the extra kick! I adore heels and driving in them makes me feel powerful. My Brabus maybe be small, but it's fay faster than you think ;) Do you think my sexy top, high heels, and PVC tight leggings would have gotten me out of trouble if I was over speeding and police stopped me? Enjoy this sexy photoset and drive safe Check out the second part of this photoshoot "Brabus Driver in heels 2"
Photos: 42


Sexy posing in latex and RED 7 inch pleaser heels

These high-quality sexy latex shots will blow you mind! There is no other type of leggings that will make my bum look more round and perfect than these. I combined my latex leggings with a sexy black top to show off my „Girls“ and added a casual little jacket. I'm a huge fan of high heels so I thought these pleaser red suede 7inch heels would make it pop! Feminine, sexy, powerful poses in latex leggings- I'm excited for you to see it and let me know how did you like it.
Photos: 94


Warmup for Latex shoot

Who doesn't love a pair of jeans that fit you right? There is nothing better that latex that would fit me so well. These latex jeans are edgy and stylish. I added some colour with these red pleaser ankle 7 -inch boots and I'm sure you will not be disappointed.
Photos: 23


Alien Station Photos

If you are a real fan then welcome hun, because this shoot is for YOU! You can be sure that real fans will be very special to me and will be looked after! I wanted to bring you top quality photos with an exquisite outfit and 19 cm high heels. I love modeling and putting outfits together and mostly... I like bringing the "Sexy" to my loyal fans so this is for you! Enjoy the combination of the sexy catsuit, high heels, leather jacket, and cat eyeliner. Maryt
Photos: 46


Sexy swimsuit modelling in Miami South Beach

Everyone needs a vacation! I packed my swimsuits and flew to Miami. I stayed near The Ocean Blvd and found this 1955 Oldsmobile Convertable in front of the hotel. I decided to take part in the photo competition so I put on my hottest swimsuit and started modeling. As a huge lover of high heels, I always have them with me where ever I go and for this weather these hot pink peep-toe heels were perfect. Come and enjoy the Miami heat through the sexy professional photos.
Photos: 13


Exclusive shots of me driving to the photoset

I was running some errands and I had my black PVC leggings leather jacket on. It was a nice sunny day and I felt like doing something different. I knew a place out from the City that was near the lighthouse. I drove there while already shooting some photos. This set includes exclusive photos of me driving, modeling near the lighthouse, and having some „Catwoman“ type shots in the boat. Enjoy!
Photos: 25


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