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Invited Guest

POV style. Slavena invited you as a guest! Lots of dangle and tease! One continuous shot in 10 minutes!
Length: 09:42


Furs and Smoking

Guest producer video Super sexy smoking and walking and teasing by our new model Andy DZ in Taijaclub red bottom thigh high heel boots in Germany
Length: 03:23


Love you SMW pink Boots

Bing Thigh high boots during the night. Filmed in Brno city. Extremely mini skirt, pantyhose stockings, and a lot of great close-ups and teasing
Length: 11:59


LollyPop Pink Heels

Lots of close-ups of 10-inch pink thigh high heels and lollypop licking!
Length: 06:03


Spiked heels in the Snow repaired

Please drop us a line if you purchased the version without audio! If you saw the trailer video on YT and would like to see extra scenes from that shoot, this video is for you. Walking in Simon-o latex jeans. Some repeated scenes and different angles A little bratty attitude showing flip off, hope you like it!
Length: 07:26


Video German winter In red 10-inch Boots part 2

Get the second part if you liked the first one. Very similar shots to part 2, some extra scenes
Length: 03:37


German winter In red 10-inch Boots part 1

Check out our new model Andy in 10-inch Pleaser boots and PVC Leggings Guest Producer
Length: 06:26


Spiked heels in the Snow

How often can you see sexy platform high heels in the snow? Walking in Simon-o latex jeans. Many extra scenes from the trailer video in YT. Many repeated scenes. A little bratty attitude showing flip off, hope you like it!
Length: 08:23


Golden Leggings

Length: 06:45


Latex and Snow

How often can you see a model wearing latex during heavy snowfall? Still keeping it sexy while wearing 7inch orange platform boots! Wow!
Length: 05:47


Blue Glitter Flamingo-3004

Extremely sexy blue glitter boots and matching glamorous outfit in public. Pleaser Flamingo-3004
Length: 14:47


Thigh high Red boots in public

Thigh-high super sexy red boots. Walking in snow and shocking people in public 4:30 - outside walking in the snow 2:30 - Sitting and posing 6:00 - minutes of indoors supermarket walking
Length: 13:13


Prague nights Black heels

Candid Camera and dangle and Drop style vidoe
Length: 10:01


Prague nights Red

Watch her effortless walking and running in super sexy red 8 inch Please Boots
Length: 10:05


White Pleaser boots

Length: 06:47


Lara Croft Leggings and Boots

Length: 06:17


Tiger 2

Length: 03:29


Autumn walk in Butberrl leggings

Length: 05:56


Dark Nights

Length: 03:08


10 inch Red and Black thigh high boots try-on

Miss Kristina trying on red and black ultra high 10 inch thigh high boots! Sound of super hot pink leggings rubbing against PVC boots! Long continuous shots! No music
Length: 07:32


Spy Cam 8inch pleaser boots

Admire me just sitting at the bench in super hot 8inch pleaser boots!
Length: 04:49


Public park in latex catsuit

Have you ever seen a woman wearing latex catsuit in public ? Well this is your chance. Our gorgeous model Elena took a long walk in park wearing this sexy latex catsuit. Wearing something that is bold and sexy is feminine and powerful. Elena's sexy figure is perfect for this outfit!
Length: 10:27


Public park in latex catsuit extra scenes

Extra scenes from video "Public park in latex catsuit" If you enjoyed the first video then this is perfect for you. You can see her more close-ups and walking from her in this shiny latex catsuit. Do you think you would have the courage to walk in public in full latex costume? Don't forget to check the 11 minute full version of the video
Length: 02:42


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