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6 inch in Mustang

Tanned legs walking in high See how I walk on 6inch platform shoes at night and in Miami, pumping some mustang pedals. Topped off with close up spotlight shots. Full clip length 7:00
Length: 07:02


Candid Shopping

Candid camera was following me when I was doing some shopping. Spyshot style Full clip length 4:35
Length: 04:36


Wet Rhinestones

I am walking upstairs, playing in the water puddles, tease in rhinestone back sexy 35 size shoes. Includes POV shots Full clip length 7:54
Length: 07:55


High Heels Skating

Aurelia decided to go and try walk on ice in red sexy platform boots. Full clip length 5:55
Length: 05:55


Pirate In Heels

Sexy Julietta wearing thigh high boots with red sole and hijacking a boat in the pier Full clip length 5:45
Length: 05:44


Property Inspector

On that day I was in a mood to catch some bad guys, thus I decided to put on my killer-high heels latex boots and latex gloves to inspect some abandoned property. Crunching snow Full clip length 8:36
Length: 08:37


Lookout Tower

-30C, still looking hot! High heels, tower climbing. Crunching snow! Full clip length 6:30
Length: 06:31



Slippery downhill walk in Thigh high boots, ending with a small play in the water. Full clip length 7:25
Length: 07:25


Chain Wiggle

Time to get some action for those sexy suede boots walking in the cold city of Minsk Full clip length 8:11
Length: 08:12


Langsat Crust

You want to know what is it? Buy the video and you will see perfect crushing video learn a new word! One of the best dreamy videos! Full clip length 6:30
Length: 06:34


Day without the heels

Follow me doing daily tasks like refueling and shopping in dirty snow! Some people even made spy-shots with their phones! Full clip length 12:12
Length: 12:12


The Frog

After late night dinner there was a frog on my way home. Looks like he did like my sexy stilettos a lot! Full clip length 2:35
Length: 02:34


Snow Crunch

Received my brand new Heel-Less Boots, they look extreme, especially in the snow. Lots of squeaking and crushing noise! Full clip length 5:12
Length: 05:12


Uphill Traction feat. Snowman

I was loosing traction on the snow when walking uphill in my sexy red bottomed thigh high boots and decided to build a snowman on the way! Full clip length 11:35
Length: 11:35


Coconut Punishment

Irresistible tanned legs walking exotic beach, kicking a coconut and crushing shells. Perfect small toes and pedi! Full clip length 5:53
Length: 05:53



Irresistible tanned Legs in colourful strapped heels! Caution, very hot! Videos containing these heels are best sellers on out site. Full clip length 9:00
Length: 09:01


Woman In Black

Walking in tight black leggings in 6inch patent boots. Includes hot slow motion scenes Full clip length 2:30
Length: 02:40


Uphill Traction Test

Uphill traction test in heelless boots with golden soles. Find the secret zipper! Full clip length 4:04
Length: 04:05


Moonlight Streetwalk

Walking at moonlight in pink soled high heel boots Full clip length 2:21
Length: 02:22



Golden heels walking on the racetrack crushing cone wearing a gold toe ring. Full clip length 4:00
Length: 04:00



Exiting from the elevator in beige high heels, dangle Full clip length 1:40
Length: 01:41



Changing from stilettos to sexy glossy black pumps Full clip length 2:45
Length: 02:44


Classy Greens

Classy lady walking in long green dress wearing sexy colourful high heels Full clip length 1:40
Length: 01:41


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