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Night Smoker

So much asked smoking clip for heel and legging fans! Full clip length 9:49
Length: 09:50



PVC Hot Pants and metal spiked heels at night. Full clip length 5:40
Length: 05:40


Cobblestone Rally

Metal spikes finding balance on cobblestone road. Extremely long and thin legs! Full clip length 8:40
Length: 08:44



Perfect young blonde girl walking upstairs with teasing body language Full clip length 0:50
Length: 00:53



Goddess Anastasia taking some more steps on the stairs Up and down. If you did not get enough of here, here is some more Full clip length 2:03
Length: 02:04


Zebra Crosswalk

Hot blonde with confident walk Full clip length 0:20
Length: 00:26


Candid Cocktail

Miss Anastasia walking upstairs to a restaurant and having a cocktail in sexy platform heels and stockings! She is most viewed model on our site! Full clip length 3:40
Length: 03:44


Abandoned City

Perfection in abandoned city. Blonde in sexy stockings and platform heels! Most viewed trailer in YouTube from SMW videos Full clip length 6:50
Length: 06:53


Balloon Popper

Tanned long legs popping some balloons in high heels and shorts! For all of Balloon Popping fetish guys! Full clip length 10:46
Length: 10:46


Sandy Spikes

For those who asked longer walks and heel sounds. Perfect long legs walking on sand, wood and concrete. Many German TV programmes have asked to use this clip on their shows. This is the original one Full clip length 14:06
Length: 14:16


Cherry Crush

Small perfect feet in expensive rhinestones crushing a cherry at Moscow streets Full clip length 3:09
Length: 03:10


Red Walk

Stylish Juliet in her tight white jeans. When she starts to move her perfect lips She will getting anything she wants! Full clip length 8:20
Length: 08:24


Riverside Changeover

Olexas regular day in the city. She came from work and decided to increase the height of the heel a little. We think is a good idea! Full clip length 8:40
Length: 08:41


Miss Dangerous

We found a dangerous Satira in full leather outfit doing her things is the city. She looked very dangerous so we did not mess around with her too long! Full clip length 4:53
Length: 04:54


Lost Red Pumps

Miss in tight white jeans and red patent shoes lost at night. Full clip length 5:13
Length: 05:16


Expensive Rhinestones found on the street

Small 35 size feet found walking on the street walking in expensive rhinestone heels at Moscow streets! Lets take a closer look! Full clip length 2:30
Length: 02:30


Spiked Rainy Streetwalk

Glossy Fetish pumps walking in a rainy night. Sure gets your fantasy going! Full clip length 5:41
Length: 05:48


Red Candid Underground

Miss in tight white pants rushing for a meeting in red patent shoes! Follow her Full clip length 5:40
Length: 05:45


Pumping at Night

Black pumps with spiked anklet walking on cobblestone road at night! Full clip length 5:33
Length: 05:36


Mistress Cocktail

Ignorant Julietta G sitting in a coffee shop and drinking a cocktail, dangling perfect small feet in Glossy black pumps! Underdesk loosers go! Candid camera! Full clip length 4:10
Length: 04:11


Little Green Man

Miss Helene crushing a chocolate and a green man Full clip length 14:10
Length: 14:19


Foodball 2014

Football season has begun. This is our version of Foodball season opening! Foodplay and candy crush Full clip length 13:00
Length: 13:11


Red Squeak

Miss Helene walking in classy outfit wearing red thigh high boots. Wait, there is a pig on the way! Many users are asking less cut versions and longer walks! Here you go! Full clip length 9:05
Length: 09:06


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