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Improvement in the Store

Long legs in the store, trying 2 pairs of high heels. Full clip length 4:40
Length: 04:41


Glossy Walk Extra

This is for everyone who loves long legs in tight leggings and red soled boots !If you did not get enough of Glossy Walk Downstairs, this video is for you. Our main page intro video themed Full clip length 4:42
Length: 04:43


Glossy Walk Upstairs

For high heel addicts, if you did not get enough of Glossy Walk Downstairs, this video is for you. Main page clip Full clip length 1:22
Length: 01:22


Handrail tease

Glossy boots bend. Check out video Glossy Walk Upstairs and Glossy Walk Downstairs for more in same outfit Full clip length 0:45
Length: 00:44


Glossy Walk Downstairs

This is for everyone who loves long legs in tight leggings and red soled boots! Glossy Walk Upstairs and Glossy Walk Extra for more in same outfit Full clip length 4:17
Length: 04:17


Long Legs

Super sexy long legs in tight leggings walking on the forest road Full clip length 11:39
Length: 11:40



Classy Blonde in high heeled pumps at the observatory Full clip length 3:08
Length: 03:08


TV Ignore

Linett in stocking and red high heels watching TV Full clip length 6:35
Length: 06:35



High heels taken off and sexy feet get some shower Full clip length 3:06
Length: 03:07


Rainy Day

Blue legging and perfect high heels at balcony Full clip length 4:06
Length: 04:07


Lost Hallways

Blue legging and perfect high heels walking at lost hallways. Full clip length 8:20
Length: 08:27


Red Devil Stairs

Perfect long legs in Glossy red leggings on stairs Full clip length 6:12
Length: 06:12


Red Devil

Perfect figure shows off how to wear red colour Full clip length 8:52
Length: 08:52


Long Hair Duo

Two long hair hot girls walking in high heels at the sunset Full clip length 7:40
Length: 07:40


White Stripes

Perfect skinny figured Anna walks on a pier in black leggings. Full clip length 5:20
Length: 05:20


Silver Bounce

Tight silver legging butt tease and bounce Full clip length 8:26
Length: 08:27


Liquid Leggings

Perfect buttocks tease in liquid silver leggings Full clip length 1:40
Length: 01:39


New Boots

Linett Just received these new gorgeous Jeffrey Campbell leather heelless boots. Look at that changeover! Full clip length 5:33
Length: 05:33


No Connection

Linett wearing full leather outfit in supermarket. Best seller on the site, do not miss! Full clip length 13:20
Length: 13:22



I showed up in rubber boots to fool everyone. Just received my new boots from one of your loyal members today. I will make sure you get to know how high are these heels and you will remember it! Second best seller on SMW site! Full clip length 9:30
Length: 09:37


Downhill HeelSlide

Serious slipping action in full leather! Don't miss this video if you have been asking for slipping clips! Many German/Russian TV channels are asking for permission from us to show this clip on their programmes. This is the original video that went viral Full clip length 8:30
Length: 08:34



Gray alien chops off snowmans head in high heels. High heel kick Full clip length 0:52
Length: 00:53


Gray Alien extra

If you did not get enough of Gray Alien clip, here is more Full clip length 2:00
Length: 02:01


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